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How to: restore previously purchased issues



  • Ruth Price

    What does the Subscription button look like? I don't see it on my IPad.

  • Permanently deleted user

    Dear Ruth,

    The subscription button is usually under the cover of each issue.

    In some apps, like New York Magazine, there is no subscription button, as they do not sell In App Subscriptions.

    In this case, what you got to do to restore previously purchased issues is option 2:

    Just select the issue you want to read, as if you were buying it. Insert the same credentials that you used to buy the first time. Apple will show you a pop up message saying that you have already purchased that issue and you can proceed with the download for free.

  • Boones Mill
    The restore did not restore ALL my back issues. Where are they? Tom
  • Milagros Devyn

    Option 2 is easier to use, thanks a lot. I'll write about this feature at my <a href="">blog</a> dedicated to writing and reading tips.


  • Milagros Devyn

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  • axiomaticmosaic

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  • william

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  • transcribe

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